Aug 11, 2014

GenCon is here!


It's finally here! City Hall will be available at GenCon. Not only that, it will be part of Tasty Minstrel's Play to Win program. Just playing it gets you a chance at taking it home for free. Just come by the TMG demo room 137 (circled in the picture).

While I'll be spending most of my time there, at 10am on Friday, I will be giving a seminar on Cognitive Biases in Players and How to Leverage Them (SEM1454346) in the Westin's Chambers room.

If you'd like to get together for a game at the convention, send me a messge on Twitter (@vhgames) or email me ( In addition to City Hall, I'll also have my Captains of Industry proto with me if anyone would like to try that out.

I'll use Twitter to update on my whereabouts during the convention.

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