Sep 3, 2013

I'll Buy That For A Dollar

I made another appearance on On Board Games to discuss how different games model supply and demand. Have a listen at their site or at BoardGameGeek.

You can also check out my previous appearance on the show where I discuss playtesting methods.


  1. Anonymous9:12 PM

    I had many reactions...

    --Good discussion. I liked the distinctions you made among various ways of approaching the market and whether there is a market or not.

    --"Clearing the market" is econ jargon and I didn't really understand what it meant until I looked it up. I think you did define it at one point, but of course the problem is that I don't listen to a podcast in one sitting...

    --I was amused by how many of the games mentioned were ones that either we introduced to you or that we learned when you did.

    --I guess Brass is a market game, then, although I had never thought of it that way. It's funny because the market only kicks in in case of an emergency (but emergencies are really common).

    --You're designing another game? That's fairly impressive given that your experiences have convinced me that I should never design a game :P

  2. I definitely have you two to thank for exposing me to many of my favorite games.

    It's definitely been a tough road, and I'm by no means there yet. I won't count my chickens until they're in a box with my name on it, shrink-wrapped on a shelf. However, I can't help myself with creating new stuff! I get ideas about how to model something and need to make a game of it.