May 1, 2013

Quick Updates

  • City Hall is undergoing graphical rulebook design and proofreading with the new publisher.
  • I am preparing an updated copy of Captains of Industry to send out to a new playtest group as well as take to DexCon in July.
  • I will be in Boston for the next couple of days. I plan to go to the Pandemonium Books & Games game night on May 1st. Send me a tweet if you want to meet up.
  • Andrew Parks is the person most directly responsible for my being a game designer and for my even playing board games. He introduced me to modern games with Ideology and has always been supportive of my efforts to become a game designer. One design of his I've played a couple of times is Canterbury. I've liked this game and been disappointed that it never got published. Andrew is taking the leap and launching Canterbury on Kickstarter. Go take a look. Now!

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