Feb 19, 2013

Dreamation 2013 - Preview

I will be at Dreamation in Morristown this Thursday-Sunday. City Hall and Captains of Industry both have scheduled sessions. You can reserve a slot for one of these sessions.

This will be my first convention after a year of promoting City Hall. It will be nice to be at a convention mainly for fun instead of business. Last year was stressful and tiring, so I've looked forward to returning to my normal state as just a Game Designer Wannabe instead of a Game Publisher Wannabe.

Dreamation Schedule

Thursday, February 21

  • 10pm-12am City Hall (B369)

Friday, February 22

  • 1pm-4pm Captains of Industry (B434)

Saturday, February 23

  • 1pm-4pm Captains of Industry (B618)

Sunday, February 24

  • 10am-12pm City Hall (B757)

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