Jun 29, 2012

Great Omen for DexCon

I'll have a full preview of my plans for next week's DexCon up on Monday, but I wanted to share some cool news with you.

The convention organizer called last night to tell me that the session I had scheduled for Captains of Industry already had 6 reservations for its 5 slots. Because of scheduling concerns, I had only scheduled a single session of the game this time, instead of the normal two sessions. I also feared that my forced name change would lead to the game not being recognized by those who had played it before at these conventions and consequently a lower signup rate. I am ecstatic to learn I was wrong.

The organizer asked me if I could run two tables of it simultaneously, as he felt I would get more than the 6 reservations if I did so. My only concern was I don't have a second copy ready, but it would be foolish to turn away players, so I agreed. Of course, now I have to scramble to assemble another copy (and hopefully make it look nice), but that's okay. This has given me yet another reason to be excited about DexCon.

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  1. Awesome news, Michael. Looking forward to seeing you there.