Apr 9, 2012

Unpub Mini Summary

I'll have more about the Unpub Mini I attended on Saturday, but here are some quick things:
  • The event was well organized. Thank you, John.
  • I managed to get three (!) playtests in a single day, which is the most I've ever done.
  • Dan Cassar convinced me to make a change no one else who had suggested it had managed to do. He did it by saying "This part is really interesting, but it's enough for its own game. This part is an interesting game by itself and that part is an interesting game by itself. But they're smooshed together and it's too much."
    Thank you, Dan. That wording finally broke through my mental block on the game and made me realize that it will be okay to simplify the one half so it doesn't distract from the other half.
  • The city of Philadelphia attempts to kill visitors with the most uneven sidewalks ever designed. They're not even worn down or damaged. They're designed to be the opposite of the word "flat". I can only assume that they intend on looting the corpses of visitors who perish after falling.
  • I'm planning my summer convention schedule. The ones I'm currently looking at are: Origins (maybe), another Unpub Mini (June 23), Dexcon (July 4), Gencon (Aug 16), Metatopia (Nov 9), and BGGCon (Nov 14).
    I'm looking to add more conventions between June and November. If you know of a convention where I would find an audience for my games, please let me know. Especially valuable are conventions which are driving distance from New York City and where a vendor table is not hideously expensive. Thanks in advance.

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