Mar 5, 2012

This Post Also Needs a Title

As I mentioned in one of my Dreamation posts, I feel that the last of the gameplay tweaks for Titans of Industry is complete and I am ready to move forward with getting a publishing deal for the game. There is, unfortunately, one little hitch that has nothing to do with the game proper. I need a new name for the game. I won't go into the whole story here (if you ever meet me at a convention, feel free to ask), but I have resigned myself to finding a new name after calling it Titans of Industry for four years.

Unfortunately, coming up with creative names isn't exactly in my wheelhouse. So I am going to turn for a second time to crowdsourcing. If you can up with with an original, gripping title for a heavy economic eurogame where players build various production facilities to compete for domination in different sectors of the economy, then please email me at If I pick your entry (and you were the first to submit it), I will give you the choice of either a copy of the actual game when it is released (current guess: sometime next year) or, if you don't want to wait that long, I will send you a (nice) prototype copy by the end of this year. This contest will have no particular end date. It will end as soon as I see one that I feel is right.


  1. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Dwarves of Sloth? :P

    Sorry. Hmm, I think this would be easier if there were a specific theme. Ahwell.

  2. There's a theme . . . players are great business leaders involved in producing things. Titans of Industry, if you will.

    There's always the option of going back to "conglomerate".


  3. -Industrialist
    -The Hunger Games
    -Captains of Industry
    -Primary Market (or Primary Markets)

  4. Interesting! I happened upon this blog and was intrigued by the mention of Titans of Industry. I had seen this logo before, but had assumed it was an early logo for the game currently on Kickstarter. The similarities between the two designs don't stop there either, so I had to investigate.

    Its insane how two projects can be running simultaneously without contact and have such a close relation to one another. Good luck on the new name.