Nov 17, 2011

Metatopia 2011 - Saturday, Part 3

My original schedule for Saturday was attending seminars from 10am until 2pm, then an hour for lunch, a playtest of Titans of Industry at 3pm, an hour to relax, and finally another playtest of Titans of Industry at 7pm.

However, because of my (great!) publisher meeting at 1pm, I forfeited both the third seminar as well as my lunchbreak. The first playtest ran a little long (as the city progress cards kept not coming up), which shortened my break to the point where it didn't make sense to leave, so I ended up being in that room almost continuously from 1pm until 10pm.

As an aside, thanks to Dan Cassar for grabbing a component I had forgotten and Mark Salzwedel for grabbing me a snack.
By the end of the second playtest, I was dead tired but still hungry enough to need to go out. I'm sadly starting to feel my age. Despite the physical toll of that day, I couldn't have ended it happier. Not only was I riding the high of the meeting, but the feedback I received was both positive and useful. My notes are below.

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