Aug 3, 2011

GenCon 2011 - Wednesday

Lego Minotaur

I've arrived in Indy and am excited about the convention. I ran into some friends from the Star Trek CCG's Continuing Committee. I am actually staying in the CC's block of rooms, despite having resigned my post as Head Judge a couple of months ago. It will be nice to touch base with that community again, but I won't get drawn back into the game itself.

I've gotten my badge (40 minute line for pre-registered players while the new registration line seemed to have zero wait time!) and am now going through the book. I already have a couple of publishers who are expecting me to stop by their booths, but tonight I will go through the exhibitor list and identify other companies to whom I will introduce myself. I don't intend to give any pitches to these other companies this time, but I want to use this opportunity to make even the slimmest of personal connections with them.

This is the first time I've been to GenCon without intending to play in the Star Trek CCG World Championships. Playing in that usually takes up the better part of three days, so I've had minimal time in the past to wander the exhibit hall and play random new games. I will be making up for that this year.

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