Jul 25, 2011

DexCon 2011 - Sunday

Building towers of pricing markers

Sunday was short. Only one person showed up for the Municipality playtest, so we played a two-player game. Luckily, that one player was Bill Murdoch, whom I highly value as a playtester for his extremely sharp positional evaluations. He has playtested other games of mine before, but this was his first exposure to Municipality.

The game only took an hour, which is excellent with one new player. At the end, Bill had 26 Population and an Approval level of 4; this gave him a base score of 104. I had 23 Population and an approval level of 5; my score was 115. We still had to score Endorsements, but I expected them to split evenly. However, Bill received six Endorsements to my one, with the rest lost to ties. He ended up blowing me out of the water with a final score of 164 to 125.

I was pleasantly surprised to have miscalculated the victory. It showed my attempt to spend everything I had during the final round was folly, as it swung at least two Endorsements over to Bill (specifically, those for most remaining Political Capital and most remaining Money). If those two had gone to me, I would have won by one point instead of losing by 39.

All in all, though less so than I'd hoped, the convention was a success.

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