Jul 4, 2011

DexCon 2011 Preview

DexCon 2011 has arrived and marks the resumption of my game design activities. I had to move a couple of months ago and lost all of my momentum. Since then, I have prepared an updated prototype of Titans of Industry, but have been unable to wrangle enough of my playtesters together at a single time.

As I did last year, I have gotten playtests of my games added to the official schedule. I requested multiple slots for both Titans of Industry and Municipality. My hope was to be given two slots for each game. To my (pleasant) surprise, I was granted three slots apiece.

Since I will be attending for four full days, running six events will still leave me plenty of time to play other scheduled games (I intend to finally try Fresco). It also means that even if a couple of sessions are scheduled against other games that are too popular for me to draw players, I should get in two solid playtests for each game with people who have never seen them before. That will make the convention well worth my time.

I have put the list of sessions below, or you can check out the full schedule of board game events. If you do plan on attending DexCon, I hope you'll help me playtest. As a special treat for those of you reading this, if any of you play in and win one of my sessions at DexCon, you will receive a free playtest copy of Pioneer. To claim your prize, just mention this blog post after winning a game of either Titans of Industry or Municipality at the convention. The game will be printed and shipped directly to you.

See you there!

Thursday (7/7)

Friday (7/8)Saturday (7/9)Sunday (7/10)

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  1. A friend points out that Dominant Species is on the schedule. That will definitely be on my list of must-play.