Jan 24, 2011

Titans of Industry v25

Back in November of last year, Tasty Minstrel Games started looking at Titans of Industry. Seth came back in December with some issues and desired changes. Because of the holidays, I had trouble getting my testers together and was not able to try these out until a week ago.

I managed to get two tests in. The first one found that the game was running a little short at only 21 rounds, so I tweaked it for the second test. That one was quite satisfying in terms of length.

I am happy with how the changes panned out. It is great to have another designer's perspective on the game.

On a side note, it has been great to get this game back in testing. It has always been my favorite designs and the gameplay is perfectly aimed at what I enjoy. The only downside is I can't actually play during the tests because that would skew the results. As soon as this is published (knock on wood), I'm going to take every opportunity possible to play it for fun.

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