Jan 3, 2011

2011 Goals

As this new year begins, I want to take a look at what I've accomplished, what I have not, and what I want to accomplish this coming year for each of my designs.


My city-building game is in a very strong place right now. I definitely feel it is mechanics-complete and only in need of minor tweaking and presentation refinements.
I am ready to shop this around to publishers, but have been occupied with my other projects. Once I'm done with either Titans of Industry or Pioneer, I'll turn my attention to finding a publisher for this one.

Titans of Industry

My favorite personal design has received publisher attention following a two year hiatus from active design work. The publisher has already tested it a couple of times.
I have been making changes in response to his feedback, but haven't been able to get a playtest going because all of my testers are busy with holiday plans. I should be able to test the changes and send the new version by mid-January if they go well.


This game's lack of progress is my biggest disappointment from 2010.
I resolved to self-publish it and set up a corporation in preparation for doing so. I also got quotes from several printers and figured out how much I'll need to raise to do a small print run.
However, I have yet to select an artist for the game. I have been in communication with several interested artists, but I am not yet convinced on any of them. This failure means that I have been unable to set up a Kickstarter project for the game by December 31, which was my self-chosen goal.

Game Design Assistant

Despite the lack of updates, I haven't forgotten about my game designer utility website. I spend a little time designing and coding it each week when I don't feel like working on games. My goal is to launch this in closed beta during the second quarter.

My Next Design

I have yet to decide on the next new design I will tackle. I have a dozen ideas written down. Only about half of those excite me at all. I'm actually not sure that I'll design a new game in 2011. It will depend on whether I can clear out my current queue and if I can come up with something that truly excites me.

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