Oct 11, 2010

Logo Contest Winner

Visible Hand Games has a new logo.

This choice was anything but easy; any of the finalists would have been a fine design, but it was time to make a choice.

My thanks go out to all who entered. I received many great designs from which to choose.

As this content has been going on, I have been spending time figuring out all of the legal parts of setting up a business. It's more complicated than I thought. I would prefer to just spend my time purely on game design, but this is something that will help ensure that my primary goal of seeing people enjoy my games is someday realized.

I still would vastly prefer to have another publisher who actually knows what they're doing print my game, but at a certain point I'll have to move forward on my own.

Update: I wish to give special thanks to the winning artist, Luis da Ponte, who possesses tremendous talent.

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