Oct 28, 2010

Kickstarter - Eminent Domain

Tasty Minstrel Games has placed Seth Jaffee's Eminent Domain on Kickstarter for preorder.

Having read the rules, this definitely does look more interesting than Dominion, which lost a big chunk of my interest with Alchemy, which I felt was poorly designed. The main deck building mechanic used here is actually pretty clever and feels like it is more long-term than the purely short-term tactical choices given in Dominion.

The use of Kickstarter for this game is of special interest to me. A bunch of first-time publishers have already used Kickstarter to launch their games, but now established publishers are beginning to use it. This will go a long way towards legitimizing the site as a way to purchase new games.

Why do I care about that? Well, I decided that if I have not had a design of mine sold to a publisher by the end of the year, I will use Kickstarter to self-publish. So I very much want to see people willing to preorder games through this site. That's also why I recently incorporated Visible Hand Games and asked for help designing a logo. I am preparing the business side of things to actually publish if needed.

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