Sep 13, 2010

Logo Contest Voting

As part of the logo design competition I launched a couple of weeks ago, I have put up a page for your feedback on the entries so far. The vote is non-binding, but I'd like some help in narrowing the choices down.

Please use this post's comments section to discuss the entries themselves.

To all of those who have entered, thank you for doing so. If you haven't entered yet, there is still time to do so.

Now go vote!


  1. Out of curiostiy, why "Visible Hand Games"? What happened to Gantry Games, or East River (or was it Fast River? ;) ) Games?

    Where does Visible Hand Games come from?

  2. East River Games (referring to NYC's East River) was discarded because it was too generic.

    And several people (on this blog and in person) complained about Gantry Games, for reasons including not knowing what a Gantry was and it's lack of "oomph".

    Visible Hand is a play on the "Invisible Hand of the Market" from economics. The idea is that the players are the visible hands which intentionally manipulate the game (market).

    I have a strong love of economic games (Imperial 2030, Power Grid, Acquire) and many of my designs so far have been heavily market-based, so I went with an economic-themed name.

  3. Anonymous5:45 PM

    You might want to randomize the images on the voting page. I suspect that you're going to end up with more favorable votes for item #2 because its the best of the bunch at the top... but if you re-arranged it, the hand crushing the eyeball would win out... plus not everyone seems to want to scroll down and vote on everything....

  4. I agree with you on the effect the order has on voting. However, to do it correctly would take me too long for it to be worth it. I'm mentally taking into account how many people are reaching the bottom of the page.

    So far, the most at the top is 16 votes and the bottom has 13 votes, so the effect isn't huge.

  5. Something I find interesting about the entries is the color distribution:

    White - 18
    Black - 15
    Blue - 11
    Red - 8
    Orange - 6
    Gray - 4
    Green - 4
    Yellow - 1
    Purple - 1

    I wonder why red and blue get so much more love than green? Not only is green usage far below the other primaries, it only appears as part of a rainbow scheme, and not as a focus color itself.

  6. "Hand with pawn" is the best of the bunch but the hand looks too weird; a normal looking hand would be much better. And the font is too "edgy".

    "Hand with fingerprint in the middle" looks cool but the way the text is written, it reads "Visible Handgames", which doesn't make sense.

    "Royal flush reflected in glasses" is an *awesome* take on the company name, but probably not what you're going for.