Aug 9, 2010

Municipality - Week 38

Back on July 31st, Andrew Parks took another look at Municipality for me. I already considered the game to be "done", but wanted him to take one last whack at it before I start shopping it around to publishers.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. There were just a couple of tweaks needed to streamline the rules.

Instead of a complicated initial selection meant to balance out the advantage of whoever goes first, we decided to simplify the setup and just reduce the starting money of the first player. It had an almost identical effect with about 1/30th of the complexity and overhead.

Andy liked how the new Endorsement mechanic works. It meets his previous suggestion of making every role valuable, but it also avoids making the endgame too mathematical.

There were also some visual suggestions on how to make things more obvious to the players which I am going to adopt.

With these changes I am closing the book on the game mechanically. It is done. Now I am just looking to test how best to present the rules and components to lower the learning curve.

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