Jul 19, 2010

Company Name

I'm considering self-publishing one of my designs. Before doing this, however, I need a new company name and logo. Up to now, I had thought my company's name would be GDW Games and its logo would be the one to the right.

However, there are two problems. First is that GDW Games is a little too close to Game Designers' Workshop. Although they went out of business over a decade ago, I just don't want even the potential for legal issues.

The second problem is that the logo is a die. Any of my friends will tell you how vehemently I hate dice. My allergic reaction to dice nearly prevents me from liking Battlestar Galactica and Small World, two games for which I otherwise have great affection.

So what company name could solve these issues? I have a half-dozen candidates floating in my head and am working on logos for each. I'll post them later this week for your input.

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