Jul 26, 2010

Company Name, Part 3

After the tepid reception that my last two proposed company logos received, I decided to pivot from a generic, geographic name to a descriptive name that means something about the way I think about game design.

What do you think?


  1. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Personally, i think the text could use some pizzaz, and the logo in general makes me think of educational products that I'd see on an elementary school shelf, but I do like it better than both of the previous.

  2. I gotta say, I'm not a fan. It's not very iconic, as the previous commenter said the text is very plain, and small relative to the picture - which is a line drawing...

  3. Okay, maybe the logo isn't exciting, but I'm really in love with the name. Any ideas for a different logo?

  4. Dan Cassar7:09 PM

    A real artist could do a better job, but how about something like this?

  5. Dan, I'm looking for something more economics-themed. The name "Visible Hand" is a reference to Adam Smith's "Invisible Hand". The graphic you linked feels more like an Illuminati theme.

    Do you have any ideas for an economics theme?

  6. I think the name is pretty good.

    But I don't think you want an economics-themed logo. You're not starting an economics company, you're starting a /game/ company. I think you want a logo that is either game-themed, or game-economics-themed. At a minimum, I don't think you want a graph as your logo.

    Random ideas:

    A hand hovering over, or holding, a pawn.

    A hand moving a pawn on a track.

    A hand pointing down at a die, as if forcing a particular face to show (ie, the visible hand is actively suppressing the influence of luck)

    A hand pulling a particular card from a fanned display of cards.

    (This one is hard to explain) -- a bar graph, showing, as it were, the "price" of several game-related items -- a black cube, a white barrel (octagonal cylinder), a blue meeple, etc. Over the graph, a hand with the finger extended, pointing down to one of the bars (probably the biggest?)

  7. Dan Cassar8:52 PM

    I got the reference, but you're thinking along the wrong lines. Logos are a form of marketing. Marketing is about creating ideas that stick in people's heads. A logo that evokes your name is good branding. See here for some examples.

  8. Dan, that link is extremely helpful. I am going to have to think about the logo some more. The name, however, is definitely locked.