Jul 22, 2010

Company Name, Part 2

In my last post, I promised to show some possible company names and logos. I only have two to show you today, but the other ones were just variations on one of the names, with no substantive differences. Without further ado, here are the two I've come up with so far:

So, which one do you prefer? Or should I forget about both and come up with something better? Let me know in the comments. Thanks!


  1. Anonymous7:57 AM

    They seem too wide to my eyes for a logo. I'm not really excited about either.

    I'd probably exaggerate the gantries, making them taller and closer together rather than having the proper proportions, but I also lack the art skill to accomplish this.

  2. Another thought; keep the existing logo and acronym, but just shuffle the letters around, eg "GWD Games". Maybe the acronym doesn't even need to stand for anything.

  3. To answer the question you actually asked, I like the Gantry Games logo but am lukewarm on the name. East River Games is ok but kind of bland.

    If you're planning to publish some of your heavier games like "Titans of Industry", maybe "Brain-burner Games" would be more evocative. I bet the logo for that company would be pretty cool.

  4. Jeff, as for the existing logo, I didn't like the die anyway.

    I like your suggestion quite a bit, but brainburnergames.com was registered back in 2008. I could do another URL based on that name, but I'm not going to call my company something that doesn't have the exact URL available.

    Based on the feedback here and from others I've spoken to, I'm leaning towards ditching these and trying to come up with something better.

  5. Is that East River Games, or Fast River Games? Looks like the latter though I suspect the former.

    If your company's name is East River Games then I would love to see the logo somehow reference a mafioso style east river concrete shoes, swim with the fishes idea! :)

    I agree those logos don't look much like logos. I'm not too excited about either one.

  6. If Gantry Games is the name, now that I've looked up what a gantry is, perhaps just 1 crane instead of 2, with the word Gantry on it - holding up the word Games?

  7. The double gantry is a reference to a structure near my home, seen here: http://wirednewyork.com/images/citylights_gantry.jpg

    However, your idea is a good variant. Unfortunately, the phrase "looked up what a gantry is" scares me. You're not the first person to not know beforehand what it meant. This is my biggest concern with that name.

    The other name is indeed East River Games, and you're right it's not easy to tell that.

    I'll try coming up with a different logo for ERG. The right logo might make the name less bland.

  8. I maintain that "East River" conjures images of old mafia movies.

  9. Maybe something like this: http://drop.io/EastRiverLogo

  10. Seth, that mockup is actually pretty funny. Would you not be worried that it's kind of grim for a logo and might turn some people off?