May 24, 2010

The Wrong Side of the Tracks

So far, we've seen Municipality's new Office Tower tile and its new Housing tile. It is now time to round out the trio with the Factory tile.

I wanted this tile to look very polluted. Factories are the only way to actually lower the star rating of other tiles. I came up with two versions, one with only ground pollution and one with both ground and air pollution.

Which one do you like better?


  1. WLhokies6:39 AM

    The one with both looks better for the look you are trying to acheive

  2. Dan Cassar1:19 PM

    I disagree. I feel like the smog in the air just obscures the building. I'd mix some black and dark browns in with the medium brown you're using in the top tile. It'll communicate the pollution more effectively, I think. Also, if you make your building's shadow less opaque, it will keep it from obscuring the ground.

  3. Anyone care to break the tie?

  4. Anonymous12:27 AM

    id need to see all 3 next to each other (commercial, residential, etc), but if this is the only one with particle effects i would keep it out and just keep the brown ground.

    also, this building is crazy tall on one side, right? or at least, crazy weird shaped, if each one of those staggered roofs is indeed higher than the one before it...

  5. The roofs do not increase in height. They are right triangles. It is similar to what you see here:

    Does anyone know what that kind of roof is called?