Apr 19, 2010

A Little Perspective Goes a Long Way

Something that always surprises me is how people can react to nice components in a playtest. It's not that people demand a prototype look nice. But when it does, they mention it, and I think that might color their overall impression of the game. Being in a positive frame of mind changes how a person evaluates something from looking for things to dislike to looking for things to like.

So, as I'm approaching the "finishing" date for design of Municipality, I've begun to try to make it look nicer. Below are the current permit card designs.

Since Municipality is played from a bird's-eye view, I wanted the new art to have that perspective. Here is a first go at it from my whiteboard.

The problem with using perspective is that since things are no longer icon-based but are an attempt to look natural, people might not like that things are completely wrong.

The scale of the buildings are completely wrong, relative to both the board and to each other. A single space is supposed to represent dozens of buildings, but if I showed that everything would be too small to distinguish. It is clear to see how even then I've sized up the houses so they're visible when compared to the office tower.

We'll see how this goes over at the next Municipality test.

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