Mar 1, 2010

Dreamation 2010 - Sunday

Sunday at Dreamation was not as great as Saturday had been, but was nonetheless quite productive.

I had a playtest for Municipality scheduled for Sunday at 1:00pm. While I did have a successful playtest the previous day, I was not optimistic about Sunday's session.

Sundays at conventions are notorious for being low-activity days. This is caused by several factors.
  1. People are tired out from three previous days of gaming
  2. They have generally forgone sleep for extra gaming
  3. People want to say goodbye to friends they might not see for awhile
  4. Some people leave immediately after checking out of the hotel Sunday morning
You can see why I didn't expect anyone to show up. Since relatively few people are playing games on Sunday, the chances of them including someone who wants to playtest are pretty low.

However, when 1pm rolled around, I was pleasantly surprised when three people showed up. One of them had even tried to playtest the previous day but had arrived when the playtest was already in progress. It was great that someone I'd never met was willing to try twice to playtest Municipality.

The playtest went well. Although the testers generally had positive things to say, they also gave some valuable feedback about problems with the game. I have already incorporated some of the changes we came up with during the postmortem into the following version that I tested on the 27th. I am quite grateful that they took the time to help me test Municipality.

Following the playtest, I spent some time speaking with friends before packing it in and heading home. All in all, the weekend was well spent.

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