Dec 28, 2009

Municipality - Week 8

I've begun work on a second map for Municipality. In the meantime, testing continues with the New York City board.

Version 3.1
Changes from v3.0:
  • Changed layout of player card
  • Changed growth icon on player card (moved "+1" outside of person icon)
  • Added population track to board
  • Added 3-player-only rule: start with $30 instead of $20

Setup and Rules - 10 minutes
Initial Selections - 7 minutes
Game Length - 1 hour 56 minutes

Michael R. Keller - 170 (10 x 17)
Jeff Sam - 126 (9 x 14)
Kiratbir Khurana - 69 (3 x 23)

Jeff's notes:
  • should reverse order of population track
  • should also have permits with only one road instead of two
Kiratbir's notes:
  • calculating tax revenues confusing
  • still difficult to visualize connections
  • maybe a wall to make non-connections clear
  • back of player cards helpful, but didn't look often enough
  • couldn't screw over Keller, no matter how much it was tried
  • Need to speed up 3-player and 2-player games
  • Increase starting properties and permits with fewer players
  • Come up with a way to indicate connections
  • Maybe a "neighborhood marker" that is placed on all connected zones

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