Dec 7, 2009

Municipality - Week 5

Municipality is settling into a groove, rules-wise. The main focus at this point is using component design to clarify things for players. Soon I will add another map to test.

Here are my notes from last week's test.

Version 3.0
Changes from v2.2
Revamped New York City map.
Replacing the Subway special permit with a School that operates like other specials.
Instead of getting all three permits at start of game, placing one, and keeping the other two, players will now have to return ones of the unplaced permits back into the permit deck.
New layout and icons used on player aid cards. New art made for permit cards.
Remove use of Political Capital from some of the role cards.
Rules Explanation Time - 18 minutes
Playing Time - 86 minutes
Michael R. Keller - 120 (10 x 12)
Dan Glaser - 44 (4 x 11)
Kiratbir Khurana - 36 (9 x 4)
Todd Rodgers - 16 (1 x 16)
Dan's notes:
Like this version.
Forgot about how all 7 roles get picked during final round.
Consider a track for the # of tiles until the game ends.
Surveyor should have an ability where you can pay to get a different random land card than the one revealed.
Add a population track.
Reverse order of Connected/Adjacent on player card.
Move population limit to right-hand side of player card.
Kiratbir's notes:
Connected versus not connected unclear when placing down permits.
Write out "Political Capital" on role cards instead of abbreviating.
Add flavor text to role cards to make it easier to remember what each one does.
Add rules summary to back of player card.
Todd's notes:
Separate the "+1" indicator from the person icon on the player cards.

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