Nov 9, 2009

Playtest Notes - Municipality v1.0

Last week I finally made the first prototype for Municipality. As I was constructing the prototype, I had a brainstorm on a radical way to change the rules. Luckily, It required only minor modification to the original prototype.

Anyway, here are the notes from the first playtest session:
Playing time: 2h 15m
Dorsey - 230
Michael - 170
Jonathan - 160
Jeff - N/A
Central industrial tiles made development of Commercial spaces impossible.
Dorsey and Jon ended game with an Approval Rating of 10. Michael had an approval rating of 5.
Dorsey employed heavy-industry strategy, taxing over and over to collect money, turning that into Political Capital with the lobbyist.
Michael's initial Commercial space never developed. Michael relied on two mid-game Residential spaces and developing multiple times.
1) Too little money at the start slowed down the game. Increase from $10 to $20.
2) Industrial tax revenue is too high, reduce from $10 to $7. Commercial tax revenue drops from $5 to $4.
3) New board layout will decrease negative effect of Industry (fewer adjacencies), reduce complexity of development action (fewer adjacencies and connections), and reduce total number of cubes on the board (because of the reduced adjacencies and connections).

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