Aug 11, 2009

New Round of Submissions

I have given up on hearing back from publisher alpha, to whom I sent my prototype for Titans of Industry almost a full year ago.

I completely understand if a publisher doesn't want to look at a prototype. I understand if a publisher looks at a prototype and decides it is not good enough. I understand if a publisher is busy and will take a long time, or even longer than expected, to look at it.

However, what has annoyed me about this publisher is that it gave me a time frame for looking at the prototype and not only didn't get back to me by then, but hasn't gotten back to me at all or responded to multiple e-mails spread over many months. Zero response. Not even a "we can't get to it right now". Just silence.

I find that to be unprofessional and will not approach this publisher again. I know that they won't care, or even know, that I have decided this. But I feel it is important to not be treated so rudely.

Anyway this is my way of explaining that I have made a couple of changes to Titans of Industry, printed up a new prototype, boxed it up (as seen in the picture), and shipped it to publisher Beta (with whom I've been in contact over the past couple of months.

I intend to send them another one of my games soon, probably something significantly lighter, in order to cover whatever they may be looking for right now.

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