Jan 6, 2009

Shakeup in the Valley

A friend of mine pointed me towards this announcement from Kevin Nesbitt from Valley Games that includes the following:
I regret that over the past several months, I have encountered what I will term "substantial philosophical differences" with my fellow Valley Games ownership group in regards to the operation of the company. In the face of the earliest issues, I (perhaps foolishly) felt that the differences could be repaired or would improve. Unfortunately, the most recent weeks have proven that hope to be unfounded. It is in this light that I have elected to step aside from Valley Games, in order to allow the company to continue on the path that the majority ownership wishes it to.
It is unfortunate that Kevin felt the need to leave his company. In the contacts I have had with Valley Games personnel, I have found them to be friendly and helpful.

However, as an aspiring designer, this raises an important question: What does this indicate for the company's direction? Checking the company's website, Kevin is one of three people mentioned by name and a partial owner, so he was definitely not an inconsequential figure at the company.

Has anyone out there had recent contact with anyone in the company? Can you shed some light on what led to this and what it means for the company in the long term?

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