Oct 5, 2008

New Titans Rulebook

I've finished updating the rulebook for Titans of Industry. This is the version that I am sending to publishers.

Titans of Industry v21 Rulebook

Please feel free to proofread it and post corrections in the replies. Thanks!


  1. Key principles: "the item on the lowest priced square in that market muCH be purchased first"

    Your commercial real estate cards don't match the text (neither count nor symbol).

    "Move your turn order cube forward two spaces on the turn order track (or as many as are possible)." The "as many as possible" makes it sound like you can move all the way.

    Your age-ending building counts are mismatched in the building section and the end-game section.

  2. Thank you for your help! I've made the corrections and uploaded the new rulebook.

  3. It's 2 years later, but I just came across this rulebook and will give it a look.

    What's the current status of this game? Still think it's your best effort?

  4. The game is "done" but I'm not actively shopping it around to publishers.

    I do absolutely think it is my "best" game, in that this is the game I would most like to play.

    However, keep in mind what some of my favorite games are:
    Imperial 2030
    Planet Steam
    Power Grid

    Notice a pattern? I'm into long, heavy, highly-strategic, low-randomness economic games. Titans of Industry is my monument to everything I love about economic games.

    However, I realize that publishers are trending towards short, simple, thematic games. (Yes, I know there are exceptions, but the trend is there.) This means that even though I consider this to be my "best" design, I also know that it isn't going to be published anytime soon.

    I think the only way this one will get published is if I do it myself (hint hint).

    That said, if a publisher was interested in this design I would absolutely work on refining it with some new ideas I've gotten since I put it aside.