Aug 10, 2008

Titans of Industry Rulebook

In response to a reader request, here is the rulebook for the current version of Titans of Industry.

Also, I am again asking for GenCon attendees who can volunteer to test my games at the convention. Please send an e-mail indicating your interest to:

For those of you who have already volunteered, I cannot pin down the exact location of these tests, as I can't fin a GenCon brochure online. However, if you meet me at the Star Trek CCG area in the collectible card game hall on Friday, I will definitely have exact dates and times for playtests by then. I will be running tournaments for that game on Friday and Saturday beginning at 10am.

I do plan on running three scheduled tests during GenCon. One Friday night, one Saturday night, and one Sunday morning. Again, please e-mail me at the above address so I know to expect you and come see me at the Star Trek CCG area on Friday anytime after 10am to get the exact details.

Update: to help people find me, here is a picture.

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