Aug 13, 2008

GDW's GenCon Schedule

So, it turns out that the Star Trek CCG tournaments are being run in the Hyatt Regency, on the second floor, in the ballroom. So, if you're looking for me on Friday or Saturday morning/afternoon, that's where I'll be.

I've decided that I will hold two playtests for Titans of Industry and one playtest for Privateering.

Titans of Industry playtests:
Friday, 8pm
Sunday, 1pm

Privateering playtest:
Saturday, 10pm

All of my playtests will take place in the Board Games Reception Room (next to the Board Games Ballroom).

I posted my picture, so just look for me. If you want my cell number, e-mail me at:

Thursday I'll be roaming the Board Game room and the exhibit hall. I'll be wearing the GDW logo, so if you spot me, feel free to say hi!

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