Jun 27, 2008

Origins 2008 - Thursday

I finished the rulebook for Titans of Industry Wednesday night / Thursday morning. Sent it to my confederates back home for review. Doug, one of my friends with whom I am traveling, also reviewed it and found a couple of omissions. Apparently, writing at 2am and then at 7am the next morning isn't the best way to write.

One of my meetings is tomorrow afternoon. I've been warned by a game designer friend of mine, Andy Parks, that I'll get only five minutes with this publisher. Needless to say, I'm pretty stressed out right now.

I've been passing the time so far this convention with various activities. I've played some games for the first time, most notably Louis XIV. I am a fan of influence games, and Louis XIV is a pretty good game. Brass is a great economic railroad-type game. Taluva was just too weird for me to understand on a strategic level. Hacienda and Basari are both games that I haven't played in a long time, but was glad to get a chance to try again.

I also spent some time in the exhibit hall. I spoke to some publishers, trying to get another meeting during the convention. No luck. I was also searching for good components to buy while I'm here. I've searched out both components sold as such and games with nice pieces that are on clearance prices that I can buy cheap and then cannibalize for parts.

I was talking to Paul, who works for Zev, and who I met years ago. He has playtested a couple of my games for Zev. We were talking about how hard its become to even get a meeting with publishers these days. He suggested that a get an agent, someone he has known for a while. I spoke to the agent and he does seem like he could help. At the very least, it would mean that I could stop subjugating myself by personally and pathetically begging publishers to give me a sliver of time. I don't know if I want to put even another layer of bureaucracy between me and my games. I need to think about this.

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