Jul 19, 2007

Las Vegas, Day 4

This is how far the elevator is from my room. It's a two-minute walk, which is silly.

Lemme rant a little bit here. The layouts of casinos are designed by M.C. Escher. They have entrances, but no exits. There exists an event horizon, created by the mass of densely packed slot machines, beyond which no person may escape.

Supermarkets should copy this. People would get lost and eventually hungry from walking around endless aisles of food. They would need to live off the land, eventually settling down and forming tribes next to the milk.


  1. Anonymous11:51 AM

    I warned you that they were large and took time to get around. Corner rooms there are either the best or worst . Best if they are by the "elevators" and worst if not. BTW did you upgrade the room?

    Good reference to Escher though. The casinos are exaclty laid out thay way. But if people never were able to leave the Supermarkets how could they pay for the food they ate?

  2. They were out of jacuzzi rooms by the time I got there (about 4pm).

    They would have to work for the supermarkets.

  3. Anonymous4:04 PM

    The photo of the walk to the elevator is hard to discern. Im not sure which way is up.

  4. Up is up in the photo. Remember, this is taken in the inside of a hollowed-out pyramid. The rooms are all touching the outside of the pyramid. The walk to the elevator follows the blue carpet in the foreground all the way to the other corner of the hotel, then makes a 90 degree right turn and goes until where the arrow points. The walk is literally halfway around the perimeter of the hotel.