Jul 16, 2007

Las Vegas, Day 2

I was going to go see Barry Manilow, but SC would never have forgiven me, so I went to Star Trek instead.

If I look morose, it's because I just found what I want to be buried in.

Quark's Bar had a wriggling gakh worm in a bottle.

Anyone want a game?

The only Apple machine that has done something productive.

This is depressingly bigger than my new apartment.

Star Trek CCG players can be assured I did not randomly select Tosk to be photographed.

Airport Screener: "Sir, knives are not allowed on board flights."
Me: "Knife?! This is the ancient Sword of Kahless, critical to the future of the Klingon Empire"
Airport Screener: "You have the right to remain silent."

Schwarzenegger's ex-wife.

I was depressed I couldn't afford this.

So I got drunk at Quark's Bar.

And started a fight with a Klingon.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous3:37 AM

    Who came out worse, you or the Klingon? ;)