Jul 30, 2007

Fourth Season

I know I said I would discuss version two of Conglomerate, and I will later this week.

For today I just wanted to mention that at a game day yesterday, Andy Parks was nice enough to take a quick look at the latest version (fourth according to my files) of Television Executive. This one fixes all of the issues that came up during the previous playtest, linked above. Andy said he liked some things about it, but had one issue where he felt I was punishing something too much (I'll go into details about his issue in another post). My gut feeling is to disagree with him, but I think that our relative successes (which really means his incredible success versus my total lack of any) demands that I follow his suggestion.

There is a gathering of game designers in Albany on August 11th that I will be attending. I plan on bringing both Conglomerate and Television Executive to it and will definitely be using Andy's suggested change for at least the first actual test of this version.

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