Jul 7, 2006

Third Season

I had another couple of playtest games for Television Executive on the 4th of July. They went very well. This third version of the game had the "repetitiveness" mechanic removed. This was a difficult thing for me to do.

Avoiding repetition was one of the key aspects of making a t.v. show that I wanted to emulate with this game. However, doing so just slowed the game down far too much when the players remembered to mark repetition, caused backtracking when they forgot, and made strategies more difficult to implement cause it essentially tripled the number of things players needed to look at when making decisions.

So, I made the gameplay-over-theme decision and canned it. The new draft mechanic I put in in version two continued to work well. I'm actually pretty sure I've never seen anything like this particular way of drafting. This look as if it is going to be a very decent game. I'm certainly not a dispassionate third party, but I really do think this is publishable as a "gamer's game".

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