Jul 17, 2006

DexCon 9 - Part 3

On Saturday I attended the wedding of two good friends who are part of my gaming group. Congradulations, Doug and Anni!

Yesterday I overcame exhaustion to head back to DexCon. I had told Carl Olsen, one of the designers at the Albany playtest a week ago, that I would be around Sunday so that he could finally take a look at Programmer, a game he had wanted to see at the playtest but was busy running one of his own games, Stellar Diplomacy, when I ran mine.

Here are my notes from the Programmer test we did on Sunday:


troubles visualizing program
- first play is difficult, then game is understood
different flavor text for each copy of a card needed
- theme big part of the game
hand limit? yes. 5-7
more out-of-turn cards
more elegant way to track points needed
redo the look of x=?
Function() --> "Call Function" or "Copy Function"

After the Programmer test, Carl and his son played a game of the game previously known as Battle Stations, using the changes I came up with based on Andy's feedback from looking at it on Friday. Here are my notes:

Battle Stations

ent-d versus ent-d
started with 2 damage on each shield
reduce # of active cards and increase costs
choose starting hand
- hand limit?
shield heal option on hold card
choose drawn cards
only warp power
- no impulse power

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