Jul 15, 2006

DexCon 9 - Part 2

Yesterday I went back to the con. I arrived about right after a bunch of events started, so I just milled around. Then played a couple of pick up games. The first, Mykerinos, seemed okay enough. However, the scoring track was too small, it was hard to tell which space my counter was on. Also, I can see the game getting repetitive fast. I can't see playing this more than a few times a year. The second, Hacienda, was much more interesting. We played on the dogbone map, and I took seven consecutive land squares on the center bottom early, which meant I was swimming in money the whole game. I won by like 30 points, thanks to the other players ganging up on the game's owner, the only one to have played previously.

Andy and his friends got there late because of a minor car accident. First they tested one of his friend's games while I tested Jeff Englestein's game, Horde. It's a Settlers-like game with elements of Caylus and Puerto Rico. After that I did the initial design work on a new game concept I came up with over the past week, Anniversary Gift.

Anyway, then we tested Andy's game, The Elemental Wars. It's a fusion game, combining Eurogame mechanics with Axis & Allies-like wargaming. I'm not gonna say too much about it, but it is definitely more interesting than most wargames I've played.

Before leaving, Andy took a quick look at the game that I used to call Battle Stations but now has no name. He expressed concern over both having to plan your moves too far out in advance and at the bewildering array of options a player is confronted with right at the start of the game. He said he was going to think about it and we'd talk talk about it today at the wedding.

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