Jul 15, 2006

Anniversary Gift

I mentioned in my last post that I'd begun design on Anniversary Gift. It's a deduction game that came to me because a couple of gamer friends are getting married later today. Essentially there are a bunch of gifts with different attributes, and you're trying to get a gift with as many attributes in common as the other person's ideal gift, which is drawn from a deck at the start of the game. It's right now a two player game, with each person trying to guess the other's gift. I might be able to retheme it and make it into a multiplayer game.

I would like to see this design make at least a late prototype stage, because I have had previous failed attempts at designing deduction games. I think being able to make a playable if not publishable deduction game would at least show to myself that I have the ability to make different types of games. I worry these days whether I am sometimes sharing too many mechanics between my own designs.

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