May 14, 2006

Download Programmer:BfB

So, because of my crappy car I was unable to attend a playtest with a group of game designers this past Saturday to which I had really been looking forward. Not only was it an opportunity to meet other designers and see what interesting things they might be working on, it would have been my first chance to get some playtesting done in quite awhile. Being wholly occupied with school the past month or so has instilled a persistent restlessness in me. Since I did not get to playtest my games with them, I shall attempt to do so with you who so charitably read my blatherings-on.

Below is a compendium of links which employment of will let you download the rules and card images for Programmer: Battle for Bandwidth. But before you do so . . .

The version I am providing is the version that I originally submitted to Out of the Box. Since then I had changed the game significantly, and then showed it to Z-Man Games. Zev from Z-Man said the game had too much going on. The version he saw was non-trivially more complex than the Out of the Box version. Therefore, the "perfect" version of this game likely lies somewhere in between the two. I have detailed feedback from Zev and everyone else there that day on the Z-Man version, but Out of the Box did not provide any specific feedback on why they did like my prototype. This is what I am seeking from you.

You are of course not required to give me feedback (how could I enforce it?), but it would certainly be appreciated. You can either post your feedback as replies to this posting, or e-mail it to GDW at the domain name for this website. The most helpful feedback will include both what you dislike and what you like. Instead of just saying "You should do it this way . . .", try responding in the form of "I don't like the way you did it because . . ." Thanks in advance for any feedback you do give.

Also, I retain intellectual property of these files, and they can only be used for the purpose of evaluating this game. Don't try selling it. (Not that anyone seems to want to buy it right now.)

My suggestion is to print the cards on cardstock, cut them out, and stick them in CCG card sleeves so that they can be easily shuffled. Anyways, hope you like it!

Rules For Programmer:BfB
Card Sheet 1
Card Sheet 2
Card Sheet 3
Card Sheet 4
Card Sheet 5
Card Sheet 6
Card Sheet 7
Card Sheet 8
Card Sheet 9
Card Sheet 10
Card Sheet 11
Card Sheet 12
Card Sheet 13
Card Sheet 14
Card Sheet 15


  1. hi michael, i got here from crawling site by site when searching for saboteur :P

    and, by skimming your rules of P:BfB, i find it interesting enough ^^

    so, i'm downloading those card sheets,

    and if you don't mind maybe i would like to ask for a permissions to reproduce this game in Flash, since i'm a Flash Programmer :P

    but, those are my intention to fill my spare time though :P

    so i might not work on it either :P

    just askin you first ;)

    thanks :)

  2. Thank you for your interest! I actually like the idea of a Flash version of P:BfB. However, I need to protect my copyright. E-mail me ( and we can discuss some method such as acknowledgement or something to permit this to happen. Thanks again!