Mar 6, 2006

Retooling the Show

So, I was in Sociology earlier today when a bunch of ideas hit me. I of course took priorities into account and immediately started typing them up instead of paying attention to the lecture. Here is what I got:
Changed to drafting of all pieces. Snake draft or circular?
Victory points 10-6-3-1 * round number (1-4)
Each round, random unused time slot drawn.
Add new piece: location (office, hospital, island, courtroom, home)
Add base values for each card
Base value minus ripoff factor = audience appeal
Sum of two lowest audience appeals for a show generate its ratings

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous12:41 PM

    For mass market appeal, this game and theme park have the best "fun factor". I think you should put all of your efforts into which ever one you think you have the best mechanics for.

    Programmer may see the light of day as well but I don't know......hint hint, give us more of the story :)