Mar 5, 2006

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On another note, I had another playtest on Sunday for Television Executive. Having made the changes inspired by the last playtest, I was very excited, as I felt the game was on the cusp of having its rules start to be locked down. Here are the notes I took during the test:
Television Executive 2.0 Playtest
George Chan, Farhan Ahmad, Nikko Monticello, Craig DeLisi

Nikko Complained about being out of genre bidding
Changed to player already with piece cannot play it
Nikko said game sucks
Some confusion wih george about how to handle cast members, consider changing the amount held and drawn by players.
More confusion with george about the cast member process
Removed fcc power, too difficult to track
Cast rules changed, just draw 2 play 2.
Cutting short, removing bidding
At that point I decided to fundamentally change the game, so it was pointless to continue the test, which was in the middle of round 2 (there are four rounds in this game). I was not happy with the way things unfolded. What is bothering me is that I just don't know exactly how I am going to proceed from this point with the game. I've had a bunch of ideas, but they have been dismissed for one reason or another. You always have to make changes. It is exciting when you think of ways to handle things. It is excruciating when you can't.

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