Mar 13, 2006

Let's End This Already

Several of you have asked for more to the story of my first round of submissions for Programmer: Battle for Bandwidth. Truth is, there isn't much more story to tell. After receiving the terse rejection letter from Out of the Box Publishing, I sent the rulebook off to Mayfair, which had requested it. I hadn't made any changes to the version OotB had seen yet. Since then, nothing. I think it is safe to say that if they haven't responded for five months, they won't be responding at all. Actually figuring out a day to give up on them was hard. You always want to think a response is but a day away.

On a related note, the day I give up on a certain company's interest in Battle Stations (soon to be renamed as I've been pointed to a sci-fi game with the name Battlestations) is just about here. I'll let you know when it hits.

Also, Days of Wonder is no longer accepting game submissions. That's one more door closed forever. I even had decided on them being the eventual first target for Theme Park.


  1. Check out this thread at BGDF. Lots of useful info on who may or may not be accepting submissions.