Mar 31, 2006

An Expectedly Unexpected Rejection

I previously related the non-story of my submission of Programmer: Battle for Bandwidth to Mayfair Games. To recap: after seeing my initial concept submission, they liked it enough to ask for the rulebook. I sent it off to them over half a year ago and had given up on ever hearing back. I just received the following:
Dear Mr. Keller,

Thank you for giving us a chance to review your design again. We have looked at the rules you sent, and after much consideration, I'm sorry to say that we have decided not to pursue your design any further.

I'm afraid we do not feel that this design is right for our family of products at this time.

We do hope that you will continue your efforts to find the right publisher for your game. We also hope you will consider us again for any future project which may be a better fit for our line.

Thank you again,

-William Niebling
Editorial Director
So, yes, it was a rejection. But I am glad to at least have received an answer at all, even if it took awhile. I certainly appreciate that to an indefinite limbo of silence. So I'd like to send a sincere thanks to Mayfair.


  1. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Sorry to hear that.

    Do you have any other games or submissions out there that are still unresolved?

  2. A rejection letter is still a step closer to your goals. Think of it like a footprint leading up to this point. If you didn't have any sort of trail leading to this point, you'd still be back at square one.

  3. I sort of have one outstanding submission. If you look back at the Dreamation post, Z-man expressed some interest. However, I'm still trying to find a new complexity balance for Programmer before re-submitting it.