Feb 2, 2006

A Watched Game Never Boils

It's funny. Sometime after writing my post about Utopia, wherein I declared that I had no intention to continue working on the save when some unexpected and uncalled-for inspiration took a proverbial crap in my mind, said inspiration snuck into my head to leave its mysterious lumpy brown bag.

I think I have a way to change it such that the balancing of the hidden goal is achieved. This solution will also manage to remove the moving of the pawns around the board in the process. I always felt that part was really tacked on anyway. This solution also creates a disincentive to change existing tiles without the need for an added action costing system. This is actually an impressively elegant solution.

It still remains to be seen if the new version will be in the least bit fun. Still, if I can turn that piece of garbage into something remotely playable, I will be happy to some perceivable measure.

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