Feb 11, 2006

Television Executive

Hot damn! Remember that hypothetical television game that I said I had no intention of making just 7 hours ago? Some mechanics popped into my head that I think could be great. I really wish they hadn't, as I already have my hands full altering Programmer, Black Market, and my space colonization game. I still have Theme Park's rules and half the card designs sitting on the back burner. Still, I don't think it will actually take that long to make this game and the mechanics are exciting enough that I want to try it. Ugh, I should stop trying to make a hundred games when I haven't gotten one published but it is so hard to resist! I better go type up the rules before I fall asleep and forget them.


  1. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Are you going to make it from the perspective of the network exec? I think that'd be the best approach. Players could control a television "grid" with shows and times and could bid for certain shows like the NFL, Grammy's, etc.

  2. The mechanics I came up with represent a sort of combined perspective of network exec and show producer. It wasn't my intention to do a hybrid perspective, but that's just what came out.

  3. Anonymous11:42 AM

    That works. As long as the players have plenty of control of the action they'll be happy.