Feb 14, 2006

Our Continuing Saga

So I sent OotB the rulebook. The very next day, June 30, 2005, I received the following e-mail:

COMPUTER PROGRAMMING is indeed a very original concept. I would like the opportunity to present this to our Product Development team in late September. Please send a working prototype at your earliest convenience to the address below.......express service is not necessary.

I was ecstatic. My first attempt at submitting a game and they were interested enough in the concept and rules to want the actual prototype. I made a final set of tweaks, printed up a brand new copy and cut it as perfectly as possible. Three days later I placed it in a white corrugated cardboard box that I bought from the local hobby shop. I labeled it "'Programmer' Prototype by Michael Keller". I then brought it, a copy of the rules, and printouts of all correspondence to the UPS store near me and had it packed and shipped. I e-mailed Mark back letting him know the prototype was on its way. And so the wait began.

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