Feb 15, 2006

Another Bite

Months after sending OotB the prototype for Programmer: Battle for Bandwidth, I received the following e-mail on September 19th, 2005:
Dear Mr. Keller,

Thank you for contacting Mayfair Games with your design submission. We are always excited to see great new ideas from designers like you.

The game you describe briefly in your note sounds like it might be rather interesting. I would like to know more about it. Can you please send a copy of the rules or a detailed description of the game? A couple graphics that illustrate what the game is like could also be helpful.

Thank you again,

-William Niebling
Director of Submissions
This was great. Two game companies, both of which I considered Tier-1 in terms of market presence, were now interested in my design. However, it was very close to the point where Out of the Box would be evaluating and making their decision on the prototype I sent them. Therefore, I decided to wait to hear from them before sending my rulebook to Mayfair. I would not have to wait long.


  1. I really enjoy reading your blog. It reads like a mystery novel.

    The suspense is killing me!!

  2. Anonymous1:52 PM

    When will your story continue? Post an update! :)

  3. The next part of this epic tale is here: