Jan 14, 2006

There's where the cotton and the corn and tatoes grow . . .

On Monday I'll be leaving for Virginia. Tuesday morning I have a meeting with a publisher there to show them Battle Stations. I have an "inside track" with this publisher, they know me for other things and I've met many of the people there at conventions. Knowing them is probably what got me the chance to show my game, but it is a double-edged sword. If they hadn't known me but liked my design it would speak very highly about my chances of getting published. As it is, they know almost nothing about the game yet, so there's every chance they'll end up laughing at me.

I'm really proud of this particular game. My testers have said that it is my best so far. If they reject it I will certainly take a solid hit to my confidence. This design was conceived in the first place with this company in mind, because they hold the license I want to attach to the game. If they decline, I can still create a new fiction to base it on. The game is good regardless of the license, but having it will make it so much more appealing on the shelves. Not to mention the magnitude of work necessary for creating an original science-fiction universe to paste onto the game is daunting in and of itself.

I want to be published on the strength of my work, but I can't help hoping that my relationship with the company will be to my benefit when it comes time for them to decide. I've been attempting this game design thing for over a year now, and I am someone who is easily discouraged.

Andy (who inspired me to try in the first place) told me that I really should not expect to be published so soon. He's been very helpful to me so far, and I greatly appreciate all the advice I've received. In addition, Andy has helped me to get a meeting with another publisher, the one that made his first game. That'll be next weekend at Dreamation 2006 in East Brunswick. I shall try to talk to some other publishers while I'm there, but my focus will be making a good presentation.

After my meeting Tuesday I have to drive straight home, which Mapquest puts at 6.5 hours but will likely take me 8 or 9 due to rest stops and traffic. I'd stay an extra night, but I have my first day of the semester on Wednesday.

I've borrowed my sister's laptop to use for the presentation. I'll make sure to post updates on the trip whenever there's a convenient hotspot.

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