Jan 16, 2006

I've got ninety thousand pounds in my pajamas

I was talking to another designer tonight who is familiar with everyone involved about my meeting tomorrow and he asked me what I hoped to get out of it. I'll paste some of the conversation here, edited for privacy:
Designer Friend: what are you hoping to get out of this meeting?
GDW: well, my ultimate goal is them saying "Let's make it!"
Designer Friend: ok
Designer Friend: but I mean
GDW: failing that, them telling me to fix a, b, and c and resubmit it will do
Designer Friend: you are looking for a check cut
Designer Friend: or a portion of the amount sold
Designer Friend: a job
Designer Friend: ?
GDW: as I understand it, it's usually royalties in boad games
Designer Friend: hmm
GDW: *board
GDW: I'd settle for either
Designer Friend: just be prepared to answer that question (what sort of compensation are you looking for)
Designer Friend: do you have a dollar value in mind?
GDW: but I;ve been told companies prefer royalties because it lessens the risk
GDW: hmm, no, I don't
GDW: I guess I should start thinking about that
Designer Friend: can you call andy and ask him how he handled it?
Designer Friend: even if it was royalty based, you should have a value in mind
GDW: i talked to andy parks earlier today, all of his board games have been royalties
GDW: a book I read said standard was 5% of msrp
Designer Friend: has he had a value in mind when going into the meeting?
GDW: but it's licensed so that might drop to 4 or 3
GDW: I haven't asked him that, I'll give him a call about it.
Designer Friend: that's another reason why they may go the purchase route
So I called Andy, and he talked me through it. I expressed that my main concern was not money, just getting published. However, I still needed to have a number ready. He suggested a number for both royalties and flat-fee that there is no way I should get less than it. It is more than I actually require. (Hell, I probably would take $1 if that's what it took to get published.) But I'll take his judgement.

There's also the issue of expansions. This is a very expansion-oriented design. I need to think about securing the right to design the expansions and whatnot.

This may all sound like putting the cart before the horse. Indeed, the reason it never occurred to me to think of money is that I didn't want to think about it before I knew they were interested. But if my friends who are published designers tell me I should be ready for the possibility, then I guess I should listen to them.


  1. Anonymous10:00 AM

    I think I can decipher the company name and the license from the information you gave in your blog. If I'm right about the company, I was under the assumption that they were in financial troubles. Are they really willing to consider publishing a miniatures game?

  2. I'm not going to confirm or deny the identity of the company right now. However, the company I did meet with is not actually in any trouble and are in fact seeking to expand their business right now. I'll post a synopsis of the meeting this morning when I get home. For now I will say that it went better than I feared it might.